Financial Highlights

Consolidated Income Statement
Gross profit 11,014,3871,004,7741,178,2611,236,939
Underlying Profit 1, 3186,277179,970188,006321,258
Net profit 1 , 4399,61910,35284,640191,216
Weighted average number of shares (million shares)12,73512,76012,83812,838
Underlying profit1, 3 per share (US$ cents)1.461.411.462.50
Earnings 1 per share (US$ cents)
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
(US$ ‘000)
Total assets 18,306,4158,035,7108,055,1407,564,114
Total current assets 12,776,0572,665,4352,857,0232,629,578
Total current liabilities2,715,1002,328,5982,500,5661,884,110
Total non-current liabilities 11,495,3641,957,7141,761,7591,870.143
Non-controlling interests 142,20139,54441,22137,302
Equity attributable to owners of the Company 14,053,7503,709,8543,751,5943,772,559
Gross profit 1 margin 14.1%15.4%15.5%18.8%
EBITDA2 margin7.9%8.3%7.4%10.0%
Underlying profit1, 3 margin2.6%2.8%2.5%4.9%
Net profit1, 4 margin5.5%0.2%1.1%2.9%
Return on equity1, 54.6%4.9%5.0%8.5%
Return on assets1, 62.2%2.2%2.3%4.2%
Current ratio 1 (times)
Adjusted net debt to equity1, 7(times)0.430.510.430.29
Receivable turnover8 (days)26282424
Inventory turnover1, 9 (days)50534655
Other Information
Average CPO market price – FOB Belawan (US$ per tonne)664574768797

Notes :

  1. The comparative 2015, 2014 and 2013 figures have been restated and reclassified to account for restrospective adjustments arising from the adoption of amended IAS 16 and IAS 41
  2. EBITDA = earnings before tax, non-controlling interests, interest on borrowings, depreciation and amortisation, changes in fair value of biological assets, foreign exchange gain or loss and exceptional items
  3. Underlying profit = net profit attributable to owners of the Company excluding net effect of net gain or loss from changes in fair value of biological assets and depreciation of bearer plants, exceptional items and other non-operating items (foreign exchange gain or loss, net tax impact from tax-based asset revaluations, and other deferred tax income or expense)
  4. Net profit = net profit attributable to owners of the Company
  5. Return on equity = underlying profit / equity attributable to owners of the Company
  6. Return on assets = underlying profit / total assets
  7. Adjusted net debt to equity = (total borrowings – cash and cash equivalents – short-term investments – liquid working capital) / equity attributable to owners of the Company
  8. Receivable turnover = average trade receivables / revenue * 365
  9. Inventory turnover = average inventory / cost of sales * 365