Facts about palm oil washing up on beaches

Reports of lumps of palm oil, often called ‘bergs’, washing up on beaches have been in the news. Why do they happen and what causes them? We speak with Bjorn Stignor, Managing Director of Golden-Agri … Continue reading “Facts about palm oil washing up on beaches”

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Working with the Future Stars Programme in China

Have you ever looked forward to leading your own team when joining a company, only to be relegated to training and coursework? To be dismissed as a junior manager-in-training by senior management? To be told … Continue reading “Working with the Future Stars Programme in China”

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Reigniting community interest in farming

We live in a digital era – where computers and gadgets are a big part of our daily lives. Children are exposed to technology from a young age, and that shapes their perception of the … Continue reading “Reigniting community interest in farming”

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Uniting ASEAN in the name of sustainability

Having been exposed to the palm oil industry for nearly half a year during this internship, I have witnessed both sides of the debate on palm oil, and one of the most vocal contenders for … Continue reading “Uniting ASEAN in the name of sustainability”

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SMART Scholarship makes Bambang’s parents’ dreams come true

“I hope you can be an assistant in the plantation, I’m praying for you to be an assistant, my son.” Bambang was born in Rantauprapat on 11 July, 1988, and was raised in a modest … Continue reading “SMART Scholarship makes Bambang’s parents’ dreams come true”

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Productive palm oil through biotechnology

In the palm oil industry, one of the most important things producers look for in oil palm trees is yield. Trees with high yield are not only good for business, but also good for sustainability, … Continue reading “Productive palm oil through biotechnology”

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Harnessing biogas in palm oil production

Biogas is a renewable energy that is produced from the breakdown of organic waste, and is a great way to ensure zero waste in palm oil production. GAR operates biogas plants to utilise the waste … Continue reading “Harnessing biogas in palm oil production”

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How it works: Biodiesel production

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel, typically produced from animal fat or vegetable oil in the form of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), and has long been touted as an eventual replacement for petroleum diesel. It … Continue reading “How it works: Biodiesel production”

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Doing our part to save insects in palm oil plantations

Reading my morning news headlines the other day, my attention was caught by a story about the global insect population collapse. It seems that we are seeing unprecedented rates of decline of many important insects … Continue reading “Doing our part to save insects in palm oil plantations”

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