Our fire fighting Emergency Response Team

Di Balik Kebakaran Lahan PT Agrolestari Mandiri (bagian pertama) – 7 Oktober 2015 Berjibaku Melawan Api di Lahan Gambit Aksi Ikin (50) bak petugas Manggala Agni. Semak dan lalang diterabas. Pikirannya hanya satu, bagaimana … Continue reading “Our fire fighting Emergency Response Team”

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How We Tackle Fires

In 1997, GAR adopted a strict no-burning policy in our plantations to counter the haze problem. But fires can still spread to our plantations from outside due to extreme dry weather conditions caused by El … Continue reading “How We Tackle Fires”

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Fire Prevention: Inside the Command Post

With the El Nino phenomenon creating extra dry conditions this year, the haze is back. Here at GAR, we take the haze issue very seriously. As a company, we are allocating significant resources towards fire prevention … Continue reading “Fire Prevention: Inside the Command Post”

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