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Food safety is no piece of cake

Punjung Renjani, Food Technologist, 28 years old, Marunda “As a food technologist for Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), I work on product development, specifically margarine and shortening, which are palm oil-based ingredients typically used in baking pastries … Continue reading “Food safety is no piece of cake”

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Plantation to mill in 24 hours

At Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), all fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) harvested in the plantations are delivered to the mills within 24 hours. Doing so results in a higher yield and quality of crude palm oil (CPO) … Continue reading “Plantation to mill in 24 hours”

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10 products that palm oil helps make extraordinary

You’ve probably heard that palm oil is an ingredient for about half of all products that you buy in the supermarket. Ever wondered why? That’s because of its extraordinary qualities. It is: Smooth and creamy … Continue reading “10 products that palm oil helps make extraordinary”

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10 things you might not know about palm oil

For one of the world’s most important foods, palm oil can still seem pretty mysterious to many people. Here’s a couple of things you might not know: Palm oil comes from the reddish fruit of … Continue reading “10 things you might not know about palm oil”

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Accessing nutrition

Erman Muhammad Ali, Shopkeeper at Rumbai Market, 48 years old, Riau While Indonesia produces enough food to meet the needs of its 250 million people, access and distribution vary greatly. Half the population lives in … Continue reading “Accessing nutrition”

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Frequently Asked Questions on Palm Oil

Q. Isn’t palm oil bad for the rainforest? The challenges facing palm oil are shared with many other types of farming in tropical regions – as well as containing some of the best soils and … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions on Palm Oil”

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Our R&D efforts to safeguard consumer health

At GAR we have long carried out research into improving productivity, yield and agronomic practices in our plantations. In addition, we conduct research on improving the quality of our processed products such as cooking oil … Continue reading “Our R&D efforts to safeguard consumer health”

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Engaging employees in our sustainability initiatives

Since World Environment Day on 5 June, GAR has been running a sustainability campaign with our Singapore-based staff to help them learn more about the GAR Social and Environmental Policy or GSEP, the roadmap for … Continue reading “Engaging employees in our sustainability initiatives”

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