Vlog : Boosting smallholder yields – a farmer’s experience

Smallholder farmers manage over 40 percent of all palm oil estates in Indonesia. The average yield for an independent smallholder is between two and three tons of fruit per hectare of planted oil palm per … Continue reading “Vlog : Boosting smallholder yields – a farmer’s experience”

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Vlog : Smallholder Farmers and Innovative Financing

Indonesian smallholder farmers manage over 40 percent or 4.5 million hectares of palm oil estates in the country. More than half are managed by independent smallholders with the remainder run by plasma smallholders where growers … Continue reading “Vlog : Smallholder Farmers and Innovative Financing”

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Morgan Stanley: GAR tops sustainability rankings

In a report released on April 7 2016, Morgan Stanley recommended that Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) shares are a good buy due to its substantial improvement in sustainability performance. In its report: “ASEAN Agricultural Products & … Continue reading “Morgan Stanley: GAR tops sustainability rankings”

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