Purdue University Report: Palm Oil Is Still Unsustainable

By: GAR Posted: December 19, 2018

Palm oil has some advantages over other oils. The trees from which palm fruit is picked can grow fast, and this fruit has a high oil density. In general, less land is required to create similar quantities of palm oil when compared to other common oils, such as those derived from canola, soybean or coconut.

In an op-ed TriplePundit published earlier this month, Anita Neville, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Sustainability Relations at Golden Agri-Resources, argued that palm oil is sustainable primarily for this reason, citing a recent report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature stating that shifting away from palm oil would significantly increase the total land area used for vegetable oil production to meet global demand.

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GAR on how to develop smallholder communities that thrive

By: GAR Posted: December 6, 2018

Gotz Martin, head of sustainability implementation, Golden Agri-Resources, talks with Ian Welsh about what future sustainable smallholder farmer communities will look like, and the challenges for business in helping create them.

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Can Consumers Trust Products Containing Palm Oil?

By: GAR Posted: December 4, 2018

Golden Agri-Resources, is among the leaders in this process of change. We are committed to ensuring our operations have a no deforestation footprint and have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We are the first to admit that palm oil, as an industry, isn’t without its faults. However, good progress has been made in recent years to improve its sustainability. Of the many industries that have contributed to deforestation over the years, palm oil has made some of the greatest strides in addressing deforestation. GAR alone has set aside 72,000 hectares of conservation land, an area the size of Singapore.

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Weekly podcast: Coca-Cola on how to cut plastic waste and GAR on the future for rural communities

By: GAR Posted: November 8, 2018

Gotz Martin, Head of Sustainability Implementation of Golden Agri Resources predict about sustainability rural communities on ​2030, that there will be problems in the local communities as the youngs and brights move to the cities.

Also, Gotz speak about the current condition of palm oil’s smallholders: “The palm oil at the current pricing and the current yield, its probably just enough to survive, but definitely not enough to thrive.”

What we did are invested more on education to raise the overall skills and capacities and also to create an economic platform which attracts young people to in the villages they came from

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Why palm oil is about more than deforestation

By: GAR Posted: October 11, 2018

Anita Neville, Golden Agri-Resources’ vice-president of corporate communications and sustainability relations, talks with Ian Welsh about GAR’s new ‘Extraordinary Everyday’ series.​

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Indonesian Diplomation Effort for Palm Oil

By: GAR Posted: October 11, 2018

As a largest palm oil producer in the world, Indonesia considers the importance of maintaining diplomacy to the worlds, regarding the importance of palm oil, especially in Europe.

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