Supply Chain Map

We are committed to building a fully traceable and transparent supply chain, which includes mapping smallholder farmers in our supply chain. We have achieved 100% traceability to palm oil mills since 2015 and have set a time-bound plan to achieve traceability to plantations by 2020.

For us, achieving 100% traceability means ensuring compliance when implementing our updated and enhanced sustainability policy: the GAR Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP). The GSEP integrates and builds on the principles in our previous sustainability policies: Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), Social and Community Engagement Policy (SCEP) and Yield Improvement Policy (YIP).

Gaining a complete picture of our supply chains linked to each GAR facility is essential as such visibility will help us to the prioritise the suppliers we need to further engage in activities such as field level assessment and targeted support to improve their sustainability practices. Our engagement to support our suppliers is an essential component of our action plan to achieve a supply chain that is compliant to our GSEP.


GAR Downstream Facilities