Traceability & Supplier Support

Third Party Mills

GAR procures from third party supplying mills which may in turn procure from other third party FFB suppliers. Our own mills also procure FFBs from third party plantations.

We are engaging third party mills and FFB suppliers to expand traceability to mills and traceability to plantations.

An overview of GAR’s seven downstream facilities can be found in Supply Chain Map – Refineries.

The map shows the locations of the following seven GAR downstream facilities:

  1. Belawan Refinery and Kernel Crushing Plant
  2. Dumai Bulking Station
  3. Lubuk Gaung Refinery and Kernel Crushing Plant*
  4. Marunda Refinery
  5. Surabaya Refinery
  6. Tarahan Refinery and Kernel Crushing Plant
  7. Tarjun Refinery and Kernel Crushing Plant

Each facility point on the map links to a Traceability Summary Report with a listing of third-party mills, and GAR mills and estates supplying the facility.

Traceability & Supplier Support