Supply Chain

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) is building a fully traceable and transparent supply chain to provide sustainable integrated agribusiness solutions to customers. To achieve this we are working with our suppliers to learn more about them and to help them adopt better, more sustainable practices in their own businesses. GAR believes investing in engagement and education of our supply chain is essential if the palm oil industry is to adopt and strengthen responsible practices.

We operate several downstream operations which process oil from our own mills and plantations as well as third-party suppliers. Over 400 supplier mills supply crude palm oil and palm kernel material to our downstream facilities, and they are carefully reviewed to ensure compliance with our GAR Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP) in their practices.

Supplier visits enable us to build a complete picture of our suppliers’ current practices, and what help they need to address the gaps between their current practices and GAR’s GSEP requirements.

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