Challenging the beliefs of a conventional environmentalist

I am what you would expect from a university student who chose to dedicate her tertiary education to geography. I marvel at the beauty of the environment we live in every day and swear to … Continue reading “Challenging the beliefs of a conventional environmentalist”

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Quick facts about the GAR Sustainability Report

Every year, GAR publishes a Sustainability Report which contains information on how the company is doing in fulfilling its commitments on responsible palm oil. Here are some interesting facts about it. ... Continue reading

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How it works: Fire reporting

The annual dry season in Indonesia takes place between the months of August and October. During this period, the risk of land and forest fires often increase, resulting in haze. There is a gamut of … Continue reading “How it works: Fire reporting”

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Video: A partnership with SNV to provide support to palm oil smallholders

GAR/SMART have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with non-governmental organisation (NGO) SNV Netherlands Development, to work together to help palm oil smallholders increase their field productivity and income, and apply for sustainable palm oil … Continue reading “Video: A partnership with SNV to provide support to palm oil smallholders”

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Enforcing fair labour practices in the palm oil industry

A decade ago, the palm oil industry faced challenges on deforestation. Today, labour has been brought into similar light for the industry as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) report widespread abuses of human rights in palm oil … Continue reading “Enforcing fair labour practices in the palm oil industry”

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Creating a culture of diversity

Diversity is the embodiment of everything that makes us different from one another. These differences can be traced back to our different heritage and upbringing, resulting in different perspectives. Research has shown that diverse teams … Continue reading “Creating a culture of diversity”

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Serving the healthcare needs of palm oil communities

Dr. Yossy Ani Pritarini Purba, 48 years old, Riau “I’m the resident doctor at the Sentral Ujung Tanjung Clinic in Siak, Riau. The clinic opens 24 hours every day, tending to the healthcare needs of … Continue reading “Serving the healthcare needs of palm oil communities”

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Building a culture of innovation to drive sustainable agriculture

Increased climate change and weather volatility; health concerns of the increasingly discerning consumer; food supply shortages; rising sustainability expectations; these are some of the challenges facing agriculture-related businesses such as the palm oil industry. Given … Continue reading “Building a culture of innovation to drive sustainable agriculture”

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Preserving orangutan populations with OFI

Update 20/3/2018: Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) has been collaborating with the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) for eight years, to rehabilitate & release wild-born, captive orangutans back to their natural habitat. We have since released 100 orangutans … Continue reading “Preserving orangutan populations with OFI”

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